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Why Your Bad Breath LITERALLY Disgusts Other People (Even If They Like You)

Why Your Bad Breath LITERALLY Disgusts Other People (Even If They Like You)

By Tomas Caomhanach

If I asked you to think of comparable problem worse than bad breath, you'd have a pretty tough time doing it. You see, it's not just a physical problem, it's also an incredibly-embarrassing social burden too. In fact, it's probably one of the MOST embarrassing problems anyone can have because, when you suffer from bad breath, you make other people feel physically sick!


Bad breath, which is also known as halitosis, is full of unhealthy (and potentially-dangerous) chemical compounds that combine to produce the odor we recognize as bad breath. However, they are pretty smelly by themselves too. Some of the most common "ingredients" found in bad breath are...
  • Hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs;
  • Methyl mercaptan and skatole, which smell like feces;
  • Cadaverine, which smells like corpses;
  • Putrescine, which smells like rotten meat; and
  • Isovaleric acid, which smells like sweaty feet!
Note that these chemicals are all given off by things that can cause disease or infection. And that's exactly how the human brain sees them too. In fact, for that very reason, it has evolved to recognize their distinctive smells instantly, and, when it does, it switches to 'survival mode' right away, and literally FORCES your body to isolate itself from whatever it sees as the source of danger.

It does that by making you recoil (to move you away), scrunching the nose up (to constrict the nasal passages, blocking any further noxious smells), and by making you gag (to prevent you swallowing anything). If you do inhale or swallow too much of those chemicals, you then feel nauseated, and may even vomit (to remove them from your body). In other words, you feel physical disgust!

If you have bad breath, that reaction probably sounds familiar! Other people turn away... step back... and cover their nose and mouth when you're nearby because the 'contents' of your breath are literally sickening them! Being such gregarious creatures, humans like interacting with others humans to a very high degree, more so than any other animal in the world. In fact, such a high level of interaction it's basically the essence of what it means to be human. However, when you suffer from bad breath, it becomes a big issue; as much as they might like you and want to interact with you, their brain sure doesn't – instead, it actually sees you as a DANGEROUS THREAT to their health and well-being... maybe even their life!

Why bad breath is considered the most unattractive personal feature you can have, bar none (not even stale body odor!)


A few years back, the British Dental Association in England commissioned a public survey in which bad breath was rated as the MOST unattractive feature any person could possibly have. It even beatstale body odor to the top of the list! And the results were the same for all sexes and age groups; there was no variation whatsoever. Everybody was equally repulsed by it!

Think about why that might be so: Even if you have it yourself, do you like to be near other people with bad breath? You might otherwise like them enough to try to ignore it... but your brain simply won't let you.

This is even truer when it comes to dating: Meeting someone of the opposite sex can be intimidating at the best of times but, when you bring bad breath into the equation, and consider the brain's automatic response to it, you might as well just go home before the date even starts!

The same problem exists in the work-place: Your colleagues might to too polite to say it to your face, but it doesn't mean they don't talk about it behind your back. Consider these very unflattering comments by an office-worker about one of his co-workers who had bad breath:
"This guy at work has the worst case of bad breath ever! It's sooo bad, you'd think he used s**t for toothpaste! ... As soon as I walk into the office, it just hits you smack in the face ... Worse, when he's talking, you have to try to slowly back away and hope he won't notice ... or pretend your nose is itchy to block the stench ..."
Could somebody be saying stuff like that about YOU? It's quite possible... but, even if you haven't heard anything like that before, I'm guessing you don't want to give anyone the opportunity to say it in the future. Most people don't, and that's why a massive industry has built up around "controlling" the problem of bad breath. In fact, the exact figures involved are astonishing: Americans alone spend nearly $5 billion each and every year to try to combat bad breath! Worldwide, that figure runs into tens of billions!


While there are some very powerful products on the market that tackle the symptoms of bad breath very effectively, they do little (or nothing) to address the root-cause. The net effect of this is that you have to continue using these products, some of which cost up to $100.00 a month, again and again, year after year... forever!

Yet another problem is that, when you look for a solution on the Internet, you find lots (and lots) of very generic (and, frankly, useless) information. For example, one of the top websites that appears in Google when you search for solutions to bad breath specifically recommends "brushing your teeth and flossing every day". While that's great for your teeth, it does almost nothing to address the cause of bad breath. It's also something you ALREADY know you should do anyway... and so, you ALREADY know it doesn't get rid of bad breath. In fact, you can have the cleanest teeth on the planet, but still have breath that smells like a dumpster!

However, despite all these ultra-expensive "solutions" and the gigabytes of useless generic advice floating about, I now have some good news for you...
You don't need any of them!

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