Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Periodontal Gum Disease: A Silent Enemy

Periodontal gum disease: a silent enemy

If you visit your dentist regularly, you may think you’re not at risk for periodontal disease. Unfortunately, you can’t be sure your exam is complete enough to detect this disease unless you count on the experience and training of periodontist Dr. Gary Sigafoos in La Jolla.

Visual oral examination by itself - even by a dental professional - can’t always identify periodontal disease until it’s reached an advanced stage. It could be present for years with no signs or symptoms until it’s too late for a quick fix. A specific exam performed by Dr. Sigafoos, however, can alert you to gum disease in the early stages.
This exam includes measuring the crevice between the tooth and gum with a periodontal probe. The procedure is simple, fast, and painless, but millions of people have never had it done. Dr. Sigafoos ensures that his patients in the La Jolla area have access to this diagnostic tool.
If you’re experiencing the signs of periodontal disease - bleeding gums, redness of gum tissue, swelling of the gums around your teeth, bad breath, receding gums, and loose teeth - it’s especially important to call Dr. Sigafoos and his friendly staff in La Jolla. Early detection can prevent the irreversible damage that can be caused by periodontal disease.
The adverse affects of periodontal gum disease don’t have to happen to you. Call LaJolla Periodontics at (858) 568-8941 to schedule an exam today.

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