Friday, January 4, 2013

Why Bad Breath May Be The Hidden Reason You Will NEVER Get That High Paying Job You've Always Wanted... No Matter How Hard You Work For It

By Tomas Caomhanach

If you have ever failed to get a job or promotion you wanted, even though you had a great resume and had all the right qualifications and experience, it may be because the interviewer thought you were disgusting, and he felt physically sick just talking to you.

Ok, that might sound rude but, if you have bad breath, it may literally be true! The interviewer may not know it (in fact, he might even have thought you were very suitable for the position) but an ancient brain system, originally designed to identify rotten food, literally FORCED him to reject you! The moment it detected your bad breath, the decision not to hire you was made without him even realizing it.

You see, if you performed a chemical analysis of your bad breath, you'd find a whole range of extremely smelly stuff, including hydrogen sulfide, which smells exactly like rotten eggsmethyl mercaptan and skatole, which smell just like fecescadaverine, which is what makes dead bodies smell, and putrescine, which is given off by rotting meat!

All of these smells (and a number of others also found in bad breath) have something in common: they all evoke disgust, an extreme emotion designed to protect us from things that are unclean, inedible, or infectious. When we feel disgust, our brain tenses-up muscles in our face called the levator labii, which produces the facial characteristics that you would recognize as disgust (i.e. a scrunched nose and raised upper lip), which stops foul odors and/or stray particles (from whatever caused the disgust) from entering your body through the nose and mouth. Also, the brain creates an overwhelming urge to recoil or turn away from the source of disgust in an effort to further isolate the body from possible contamination.

If you have bad breath, that reaction probably very sounds familiar! That's the reason why people turn away... step back... or cover their nose and mouth when you're near them. They can't help it; it doesn't matter if they think you're the greatest person they ever met because their brain doesn't care about you - it only cares about ensuring their survival and, once it detects any of these smells, it recognizes them as a potential source of infection and literally FORCES their body to automatically recoil in disgust. In other words: Because it sees you as a source of those potentially-dangerous chemicals, their brain literallythinks you could kill them!

Picture yourself in a job interview: The person interviewing you might think you have a great resume They might think you sound like the most suitable candidate for the job. When they're sitting across from you, asking you questions, the may be smiling and nodding in response to your answers. To you, everything looks good

However, what you can't see is what happens in their brain once they get even a tiny whiff of your bad breath (and they will!): the very survival mechanism described above will instantly and automatically snap into action and bang go your chances, with you even realizing it. And it's quite possible the interviewer himself won't realize why he suddenly feels very uncomfortable with you either. He just knows that he does, but the end result is still the same anyway:

Somebody ELSE gets the job!

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